Wayne Dyer
Alex Grey


May there be peace and love amongst all beings of the universe.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om Peace Peace Peace


Karma Yoga Winnipeg is a not for profit spiritual center.

It is our mission to support your ever-deepening realization of who you really are. Only with the truth of love naturally mirroring itself in the cellular  experience of life will you be truly happy and truly fulfilled. Self-realization begins with meditation which is not a practice but a deeply silent internal realization of who you are.

Kundalini Yoga is a fast path to directly realizing the interconnectedness of all creation. In this realization is an annihilation of this false belief that you ever were separate from the joyous aliveness that lights up the stars. When you cannot die, you cannot feel fear. Come and feel the aliveness in you. Feel the deathless in you.

It’s so wonderful that you’ve arrived here. It’s by no chance that you have.

As a great Indian master once said, “People don’t stumble into a diamond shop looking for a potato.”

Welcome to the gold and diamond shop of the soul my friend. If you’re reading this still, you’re perfectly fit for liberation. You’ve had the faith to find yourself this far. Now, rest all the way.

Ecstasy and victory. Here they shall prevail.

Welcome to Karma Yoga Winnipeg – A center of inspiration.