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-Home is Wherever You Are-


Karma Yoga Winnipeg is a non-denominational, not-for-profit spiritual center, and it just so happens we use conventional yoga therapy to awaken you to your bliss.

Like there are four seasons on earth, we are creatures of four realms of consciousness. Those four realms that make up one you are mind, body, emotion and light. With the exception of light, all else is an illusion. In fact the whole universe is contained within one summery sweet season of infinite awareness.

The light¬†that animates every cell, atom and particle is pure and infinite. This light doesn’t come and go like a day, a life or a breath.

The spirit of kindness that you truly are is at peace always. It is the light that animates the entire universe. It is this kindness that lights up the sun and bursts your pulsing, ecstatic heart with it’s every loving beat.

You are a living expression of the love that beats your heart and it is our mission to help support your ever-deepening realization of this.

I am a prophet and a master and a keeper of the vigil, and I’m here to awaken you to your own inherent, infinite potential.

May this flame light many a candle.

May you be a lighthouse in the storm.

May all beings be happy and free.

Sat Nam,