Wayne Dyer
Alex Grey


Let there be peace and understanding amongst all beings of the universe.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om Peace Peace Peace


Karma Yoga Winnipeg is a not for profit spiritual center. Money is not our focus. Love is, so we have no set fees for classes here.

It is our communal mission to support your ever-deepening realization of who you truly are. Only with the truth of love naturally mirroring itself in the cellular  experience of the body will you be happy and fulfilled. This happiness of knowing yourself is often called Self-realization. Realizing yourSelf is not a practice of searching, but is rather a deeply silent internal realization that the ecstatic bliss of the life of this universe is who you are. Learn to be quiet long enough, and you will know that.

You are the joy of life and the truth is, the body is passing through it. When you know this for certain, two shifts will happen to the body. Firstly, the fear of death dissolves as a steady peace is the predominant internal physical experience. The second is a total lack of regard for people’s opinions of you, as you realize all opinions are conditioning of the mind. This is deep endless yoga.

In deep yoga, you just can’t help but be yourself. That’s the purpose. Love yourself. That’s the goal! You have to be you, and that just can’t happen unless you love yourself. Welcome.