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Karma Yoga Winnipeg

May there be peace, love and understanding among all beings of the universe.

This is my prayer for you.


Karma Yoga Winnipeg is a non-profit spiritual center.

It is our mission to support your ever-deepening realization of who you truly are. Only with this truth of love naturally mirroring itself in the outer experience of life will you be truly happy and fulfilled. This transformation begins with meditation which is not a practice but a deep internal realization.

Meditation is the realization of the interconnectedness of all creation.

Check out our schedule and services, and feel free to connect with us or fill out a gravity form on one of our pages if you have any questions about our faculty or studios.

It’s so wonderful you found our page! As a great Indian master once said, “People don’t stumble into a diamond shop looking for a potato.”

Welcome to the diamond shop.

Welcome to Karma Yoga Winnipeg.