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Winnipeg’s only not-for-profit yoga studio.


In a time where yoga has become a multi-billion dollar industry, the fact that it’s being priced out of many people’s reach is in direct conflict with what we believe the core teaching of yoga is – Unconditional Love. The question our studio seeks to answer is: Can a donation-based yoga studio succeed in business?

Karma Yoga Winnipeg offers donation-based yoga classes six days a week. With more than 40 classes to choose from monthly, our classes vary in studio location, duration, style and level of difficulty. Before attending a class at the studios it’s ideal for new students to connect with one of our teachers first.

There are many paths to the same goal. This goal is inner peace.

Delve inwards. Cultivate peace in the world with us by first starting with yourself.

Welcome to Winnipeg’s first fully donation-based yoga studio.

Welcome to Karma Yoga Winnipeg.