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Karma Yoga Winnipeg

-Home is Where Your Heart Is-


Karma Yoga Winnipeg is a non-denominational, not-for-profit spiritual center for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Like there are four seasons on earth, we are creatures of four functions. Those four functions are mind, body, emotion and light. With the exception of light, all else is an illusion.

The light¬†that animates the creature is pure and infinite. This light doesn’t come and go like a day, a life or a breath. There are many words we could use to discuss this light, but, in truth this light of love is beyond description. This love is silent. The spirit of kindness that you truly are is the light that animates the entire universe. It is this kindness that lights up the sun and bursts your pulsing living heart with it’s every beat. You are a living expression of the love that beats your heart and it is our mission to help support your realization of this.

You have permission to be free.

You are loved and you are truly a living miracle.

Welcome to our spiritual community. We are so excited to meet you.

-Jitendradas and the KYW Team