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It’s an urban myth that there’s no parking in the Exchange District. Here are two maps of parking spaces in the Exchange District and Downtown Winnipeg.

The first map is a map of the parkades and meters around the studio. The second map is a map explaining where to find $2 meters and $1 meters around the studio. The studio is also within 500 meters of a stop of every major bus route in the city.



What do I do when I arrive?

Upon arriving at the studio, place a bolster on your mat in preparation for meditation. For Tantric Hatha Yoga classes it’s a good idea to take a block and a strap in case they are necessary during your practice.

What do I wear?

It is highly recommended that clothing be form fitting so instructors can see the shape of your muscles and joints. Bare feet are preferred for all of our classes.

What do I bring with me to a yoga class?

It’s recommended that you use your own mat. This is, however, not required, as a mat can be provided for you free of charge. You are also more than welcome to leave your mat inside the studio. All yoga blocks, straps, bolsters and props will be provided for you during your class.

Is One Style of Yoga Better or More Effective than Other Styles?

Depending on one’s individual needs and personality type, there is a practice that may be more appropriate and effective than other practices. This doesn’t mean that one practice is better than another. If you want some advice on which class is best for you, please email us or call us so we can discuss your own individual needs.

Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?

No. A regular yoga practice can help you increase your flexibility in a very short span of time. Upon request, we will create a home practice for you that will help to speed up your progress.

Is it safe to practice yoga when I'm pregnant?

Yes. In fact, it is highly recommended. There are certain postures that are not appropriate for pregnant women; however, there are also certain postures that have been proven to be very helpful for most women during their pregnancy. At this time Karma Yoga Winnipeg does not offer prenatal yoga, but, we welcome pregnant women to attend our classes and will suggest modifications that will better suit women who are pregnant.

Why is Karma Yoga Winnipeg donation based?

It goes without saying that there are few places you can go to and provide a donation for a product or service. In working with us, you the student partake in the gift of a practice that we the teachers hold near and dear to our hearts. In this way, the studio is a little bit of relief from our commerce driven economy and provides a setting for an exchange between two individuals for a service without payment being the primary consideration. See detailed information about Karma Yoga Winnipeg’s donation-based mandate.

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