Karma Yoga Winnipeg’s signature massage therapy practice is called Tantric Massage.

Tantric Massage is a spiritual massage practice where intuition is fully relied on to guide the therapist’s hands.

Through many years of spiritual living, all three of our massage therapists have become skilled at working with gross and subtle forms of energy alike.

In the art of Tantric Massage, our therapists effectively alleviate stresses and tensions that are held in the nerve centers, or the Chakras.

Before any treatment at Karma Yoga Winnipeg, therapists assess the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our clients. We then tailor our approach for each person individually.

***Although we welcome all inquiries, our objectives are one hundred percent therapeutic. This means that treatments at Karma Yoga Winnipeg are not sexual by nature. We believe that this truth is justification enough for our therapists and clients to share an unconventional spiritual encounter that is confidential, consensual and exploratory.

Massage Menu

Tantric Massage $120
Therapeutic Massage $80
Hot Stone Massage $85
Reiki $60
Sound Healing $80

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