Private Yoga Lessons

KYW yoga teachers have thousands of hours of teaching experience, and our years of teaching experience and study continue to produce remarkable results in the lives of our students.

From witnessing students leave abusive marriages, to learning that cancerous tumors have disappeared without chemotherapy, we know for a fact that there is no mental, physical or emotional ailment that cannot be treated with yoga therapy, if you are committed.


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Do not come for private yoga therapy expecting a stretch class, because that is not what this is.

Each healing session begins with a deeply intimate conversation that will enlighten (relax) you instantly. This conversation is traditionally called ‘Satsang’.

Once a meaningful connection has been established between the teacher and the student, the student is guided inwards to partake in a personalized practice that is healing, relaxing and educational on every level of being. You will learn about life in a way that cannot be described, but, can only be experienced.

Numerous manual adjustments, verbal cues and breathing instructions are shared to optimize the short and long term benefits of your experience.

Detailed explanations and consistent feedback are shared by the teacher as techniques are tweaked to insure they are properly practiced and well understood.

After the student’s first Satsang (lesson), a special gift of an online yoga portal is shared. The online portal is a tool that can be used every day to enhance your enjoyment of everyday life. Their are yoga classes, meditations, and there is oh so much information! Interactive, fun and exciting. You’ve clicked on the sweetest link, you lucky life you.

“You were born on an inhale, and will die on an exhale. Our whole life sits between that first inhale, and final exhale. Life exists between one breath”
– Guruprem

Let’s make it the sweetest deepest breath ever!

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Private and Group Pricing

One Session $60
One Month Commitment $200.00 ($50 per session)
Six Month Commitment $960.00 ($40 per session)

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