Please note:

Due to the rising cost of maintaining the studio, and in order to honor our teachers by making sure they are taken care of, we ask for a minimum of $8 per class. This donation can be paid online or in the studio. You will not be turned away if you approach us for help and cannot afford an offering to the teacher.

All students are asked to pre-register for classes and workshops*. A simple text message or a phone call will suffice.

Karma Yoga Winnipeg – 204-990-9642

*Our studio is very intimate! If a class does not have any students registered for it, the scheduled teacher may choose to not come in to the studio. Dropping in is not advised. If you do, and there’s no one here, don’t say we didn’t tell you so.


We are so happy to meet so many great people through Groupon! If you didn’t buy one yet, don’t buy one! Groupon is a fantastic marketing tool, but we are a donation based studio. If you want, we will happily give you a 10 class pass for the exact same amount of money that you’d pay Groupon.

This said, if you have purchased a Groupon, yayyyyy! Please follow the steps in order below:

  1. Email a copy of your Groupon to
  2. Wait for a confirmation email.


-Please give our teachers at least 3 hours notice if you cannot attend a class you have registered yourself for.

Information on Private Lessons