Please read:

Due to the rising cost of maintaining the studio and paying our monthly rent, we are now implementing a minimum $5 donation for any class, workshop or event. This donation can be paid in cash, by Visa or by MasterCard. Please help us keep our studio’s door open.

All students are asked to pre-register for classes and workshops.

If a class does not have any students registered for it, a teacher may choose not to come in to the studio. 

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Clients with Groupons

If you have purchased a Groupon, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Create an account on MindBody Online. (The link to MindBody is the ‘View Our Schedule’ link).
  2. Email a copy of your Groupon to
  3. Wait for a confirmation email.

Please follow the steps in this exact order.

-Consider leaving an offering for your teacher after your class. Teachers are not paid. All offerings are offered to the teacher in entirety and this is their only source of income from their classes at the studio.


-Please give our teachers at least 3 hours notice if you cannot attend a class you have registered yourself for.

-If you do not show up for class that you’ve signed yourself up for, your account will be charged a $10.00 ‘inconvenience fee’. We lovingly ask that you pay this money to the studio online before you sign yourself up for any future classes.

Information on Private Lessons