The practice of Yoga is the expression of the ineffable, the embodiment of the metaphysical. The practice of Yoga is a way to witness one's strengths and weaknesses and to work on both. The practice of Yoga is as much the meditation on,as the rendition of the graceful human state.

"...A state of grace is that kind of balance with which you ride the chaos that you find around you. It’s not a matter of resolving the chaos..." L. Cohen

In 2006 Matthew was introduced to Yoga. In 2012 he met John Friend and began to practice in earnest. In 2016 Matthew achieved RYT 200hrs from Sivatantra Yoga Teacher Training Program under Noah Krol and Robyn Thomas.

Matthew's love for poetry and philosophy, as well as movement and alignment make for a challenging class, observing the transitions between breaths, postures, and mental states assiduously and with humour. Laughter is encouraged always.

Off the mat, Matthew is a musician, a lover of poetry. Matthew has run Arborvitae Tree Works, as an arborist since 2010.